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Please share your experience with Red Diamond. Tell your friends what Red Diamond really is. Tell us why you choose Red Diamond, or what I could do better to gain your trust and business. Thank you to everyone who took the time to write a Testimonial, good or bad, i really appreciate it.

Quotes Red Diamond did a more than stellar job on my car. It looked completely different and I can't thank them enough. Definitely won't let you down. Quotes
Satisfied customer

Quotes I just recently had my car cleaned by Red Diamond Detail and I am very pleased with the service. They are very knowledgeable and thorough... thumbs up Quotes
Satisfied Customer

Quotes I have been with Red Diamond since the beginning, from day one I have been impressed and continue to be more impressed every cleaning. Each time has really been eye catching to see what new technique has been learned. PLUS, I like the head turns my vehicle gets when its parked. TAKE A LOOK!!! Quotes
Satisfied customer

Quotes Hi Dio, Thanks again for the amazing work you performed detailing my van. As we discussed it has been kept parked outside for the last six years with only one previous detail and too few auto mat car washes. I know it was a mess but it now looks so fantastic that I was inspired to clean out the garage so that it can now be parked indoors. Hopefully it will stay looking great until your next visit. Jeff Quotes
Pleased customer

Quotes Dio did an amazing job. He got 8 years worth of stains and smells out of my car in a few hours. He takes great pride in his work, and it shows. Highly recommend Red Diamond! Quotes
Alisha Evans

Quotes Dio spent hours removing stains and odors from my car. I thought cleaning my car would only take around 30 minutes, but Dio went above and beyond. I am absolutely amazed at the difference now! The interior looks brighter and the smell is gone and did not come back. I love my car all over again and love the reaction from my friends. I highly recommend Red Diamond for all of your car care needs! Quotes
Highly recommend Red Diamond