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Red Diamond
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Red Diamond is a high value luxury detailing business that uses high end chemicals offering incredible protection while simultaneously coercing the most brilliant shine out of your car's paint, protecting your investment and extending the life of your vehicle. Red Diamond is for fanatic drivers who want the best not only on the performance end, but also the look and feel. My way of detailing cars is very different from others. Most of what's out there tears down your paint, damages it, and leaves it venerable to the harsh weather and elements. My way is using a regimen, to build layers of protection and extending the life of your vehicle. My work has to satisfy the most demanding clients, so I spent years of researching the best tools, chemicals, and most importantly, technique. My name is Dio Green and I am the owner and sole detailer of Red Diamond. I believe it is important to develop a strong relationship not only with the client, but with the vehicle as well. So with that, I am the only one to ever touch my clients vehicles. If you're a fanatic like me, there is no other option, Red Diamond is the way to go.